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Examples of processed products

The OSUGA Automatic Pipe and Tube Cutting Machine Series
is friendly both to the environment and people.

  • No cleaning required.
    The unique cutting method (utilizing spin  and press cutters) does not leave chips after cutting.

  • No secondary processing is required.
    Both ends of the pipe are simultaneously chamfered.

  • NC system setting.
    The NC system enables high precision processing with ease even for inexperienced operators.

OPC series

Automatic Pipe and Tube Cutting Machine with Press Cutter
< OPC Series > (Automatic coiled tube feeding type)


Model:OPC-20-1-C  n Specifications


  • The newly developed press cutter enables clean cross sections that do not require secondary processing such as beveling.

  • The quick cutting speed enables mass production.

  • Short pipes can also be machined; the minimum cutting length can be as short as 2mm.

  • The NC control system sets the cutting length, and uses an AC servo motor and ball screw. This achieves high precision processing with a deviation of only 0.1mm.

  • Unmanned operations are possible for night shifts. A total of 28 cutting length patterns and the quantities can be pre-programmed.

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