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Examples of processed products

Now, Osuga machine has made it possible with the latest technology to create ease of operation and increase productivity a reality.


Until now, the plasticity processing method could not produce a machine capable of complicated and accurate pipe end formation. As with all our products, the automatic feeder and product inspection devices are available.

All our pipe end forming machines provide a degree of customization to meet our customer's needs. We accept specifications such as punch stroke, frame size of metallic mould, etc. so that we can provide the exact machine to meet your needs.

Dice rotary type end forming machine.
OSW series  n Specifications

This machine is designed for the swaging process primarily used to shape copper pipe. It is capable of processing the diaphragm at a high rate of speed and accuracy. 

Our latest model can produce complicated branching pipes for new refrigerant processing and etc. by a full automatic single straight processing..

For size on size branching pipe
OEF series  n Specifications

* We offer you various kinds of products for your needs. The above photograph shows a full automatic feeder for extended lengths of pipes. Also other types of machines are available such as a Parts feeder that can fully automate processing of short lengths of pipe and machines capable of automatically reversing the pipe to form both pipe ends. 

  • Our new technology provides straight processing for complicated shapes instead of the 2-3 steps required by conventional processing. The technology has the second section of cramp with 4-6 punches that the user can easily configure.

  • You can process 10 times faster than the conventional separation processing baton. 

  • We can deliver our complete ready-to-go products to your site with our patented technology including metallic mould for the pipe end forming machines. 

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